What Follows Election of New President?

    • Comments - 10 November 2016, 19:47
The Americans who have elected a new president are asking themselves questions and trying to answer them. However, these questions occurred earlier, they occurred even before the period when B. Obama was president, in the past 15-20 years.

How should the United States treat Russia’s expansionist policy, tolerate this policy and abandon Russia’s neighbors? Hereby the United States will lose its positions not only in Eurasia but also lose partners in Europe, among leading countries, NATO member states. This may not be the key issue but it is a problem that will not leave alone any administration in the United States.

If the United States gives up on the problem of standing up for the independence of former USSR, it will be possible to talk about the greatness of America. D. Trump is not acquainted with V. Putin but they know him very well, many are in the entourage and among supporters of the new president.

V. Putin is seen as an expansionist and a short-sighted administrator in the United States but not a politician. After the famous phrases by G. Bush and B. Obama about V. Putin, none of the American politicians will hurry to call him a partner.

V. Putin’s groups in Russia are a favorable situation for NATO which believes it has an opponent. The United States is not interested in Russia economically. The United States does not have large-scale economic relations with Russia and is skeptical about the possibility of enlarging economic relations with it.

Russia continues its ambitious policy on Ukraine and Syria, cannot accept Japan’s requirements and is subject to uncertain relations with Turkey and Iran.

The United States has over 15% of global export and the Americans need Europe as an economic partner. How is Donald going to develop its industry without partnership with Europe, including the sector of real economy?

The loss of NATO or NATO’s trouble will lead to the loss of the main international position of the United States to end influence and control over Europe. The European Countries are ready to increase spending on defense. Why should they dramatize and rush into open doors?

D. Trump’s administration will be a militarized structure with a substantial number of military or rather former military. The military lobby will be flourishing, hence military spending and the U.S. participation in military actions in many directions will increase. (Put the American dream on one scale and it will turn out that on the other scale there are military initiatives in all directions.)

No doubt B. Obama’s administration has led the United States to frustration and non-understanding of America’s idea, the significance of this country in the international dimension. Not only the Republicans but also the democrats and citizens of the United States who are not in these parties are fed up. However, B. Obama, unlike B. Clinton, was able to conduct social programs in health care and other spheres.

Now, D. Trump says he will destroy Obamacare which is absolutely impossible in a reasonable country. It would be possible not to pass such a law applying to 30 million citizens but it is impossible to repeal this law. It is possible to amend it but not eliminate altogether.

A massive part of the Republicans remains Republican, i.e. quite rightist people but in the past decades America not only stepped left but also became a quite social country. It is impossible to ignore this.

Who are the grassroots of Republicans, as the European propaganda puts it? Presumably, they are farmers and artisans. However, this is not the grassroots but the middle class, the classic American middle class. In fact, they are many, and they and not the “white collars” voted for D. Trump and were the main contingent of the presidential candidate.

Besides, the families of these Republicans are bigger because they are traditional families. Of course, they will not become the main policy makers, more influential people will become such. However, these circles will need to gain new spectrums of the market considering the state-of-the-art technology.

In other words, the Republican ideals may fully match the cosmopolitan goals and various standards which are, for whatever reason, called values. This irritates the Americans more than anything else. The Republicans and the average Americans want to exclude from their society radical liberal values, especially those concerning human rights and homosexuality, as well as other prejudices.

Hence, not only economic and social programs but also formats of behavior are staked, such as a revision of values. Two years ago I visited Florida where I met Cuban emigrants and people from other countries of Latin America. These people are against the flow of additional contingent of “Latinos”. They already have a medium-sized property and would like to live in an American way instead of remaining poor and in the same group with the new “Latinos”. Such representatives of “Latinos” voted for D. Trump.

What happens in Eastern Europe? There is a fuss in Ukraine, and the Ukrainians believe that D. Trump will immediately recognize the annexation of Crimea by Russia and will eliminate sanctions with Russia. Georgia and the Baltic states reason similarly. This is lip service. Only accidental people in politics will think so. Time will show whether the United States will wish to continue on the track of B. Obama under a Republican president.

The American people were waiting for a genuine president for a long time, a Republican president, and they got a not well prepared politician. So what? The circles of Republicans are to blame for this who were contemplating for a long time on who should be nominated in this difficult period when the Democratic Party seemed to have advantage.

Noted Republicans kicked their fellow party members and did not support D. Trump genuinely.

Don’t worry, gentlemen unless you are gentlemen, not Russian agents.