Global Armenians and "Riffraff" Criminal Oligarchy

    • Comments - 31 October 2016, 00:51
The New York Times has published the open letter entitled “Future of Global Armenians Is Now” on the initiative of IDeA Foundation, signed by famous Armenians all over the world.

The letter states: “Today, we stand at a historic crossroads. While we are certainly aware of our many challenges, we equally recognize the unprecedented opportunity ahead.

An opportunity for the Armenian world to pivot toward a future of prosperity, to transform the post-Soviet Armenian Republic into a vibrant, modern, secure, peaceful and progressive homeland for a global nation.

An opportunity for Armenians not only to have survived Genocide, but to reconstitute and thrive.

An opportunity for Armenia to secure long-lasting social and economic improvement, for our citizens today as well as for our children and the future of our global nation.”

The letter calls on the Armenians worldwide to join their efforts to address these issues and to use these opportunities.

The independent Armenian state is facing tremendous challenges and opportunities, and it takes motivation, dream and efforts to use them.

Apparently, the groups of people and societies can be divided to two: those for whom these challenges and opportunities are motivation and responsibility to create and those who avoid them and are committed to a “quiet” life, waiving sovereignty, rights to make decisions and duties.

In this sense, the Armenian public is divided, which is the consequence of ethnic and cultural and value movements. These two controversial, sometimes mutually denying aspects are clearly highlighted among the Armenians and two major civilization plains are visible.

The independence of Armenia and the war in Karabakh have highlighted this situation. Independence is not the referendum but a conscious set of values and a choice and assumption of responsibility, and the following years showed that this choice did not take place.

The point is that in case this happened, the aforementioned letter would be redundant and the Armenians would have already set out to resolve these problems. Instead, a small group usurped power and state leverages and the right to handle the national wealth which is currently called criminal oligarchy. This is kleptocracy that is devoid of motivation to address public issues and assume responsibility. The limit to their dream is the pervert desire for their own welfare, and stealing is their motivation.

Sometimes one hears them ask how come that a small group was able to usurp public power and national wealth. However, the criminal oligarchy has not appeared out of thin air; it is the child of a huge layer of a distorted values and mentality, ambitions and perceptions. This is the second type which was described above.

This criminal hierarchy is ready to give up on the nation’s sovereignty to maintain its positions and to avoid responsibility, which has been the case over the past few years.

However, this is not something new. These so-called civilization and anti-civilization among the Armenians lasted for centuries and usually the anti-civilization layer won. Their “victory” cost elimination of the Armenian states, loss of people and territories.

There is no need to go too far: The war in Karabakh and the waste of the civilization victory in that war within two decades is the best illustration. This is a victory after which, if that had been appreciated duly, Armenia would have been a different country.

The civilization layer of the Armenians has created several empires, made an immense political scientific, economic, cultural contribution to the global civilization. There are lots of Armenians all over the world who have achieved great success in different spheres. Their cooperation and contribution of their potential to the Armenian state will certainly raise the country to a new level.

How should this everlasting dilemma be overcome? Why do the set of values and species that is not advisable for these problems prevail in Armenia? Is it possible to revert this everlasting “tradition” and the set of values of a wasteland?

Is there a chance that the civilization layer of the Armenians will win in their homeland at this crucial stage, plough this wasteland, planting seeds that will produce good fruit?