Prime Minister Warns Serzh Sargsyan and Republicans

    • Comments - 24 October 2016, 23:58
Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan has announced that if he fails, he will not stay one more day in the position of the head of government. At the same time, he did not mention any deadline, any indicator to help the society evaluate his success.

Perhaps, the reason is that the prime minister’s statement had not been done for the public. His statement was addressed to Serzh Sargsyan and the Republican Party. No doubt, in the context of this statement it was a matter of policy – tactics and strategy – not statistics.

Karen Karapetyan simply announced that if Serzh Sargsyan and the Republican Party do not provide the necessary support, he will merely leave.

Karapetyan, Sargsyan and the Republican Party know what support is meant. Or Karapetyan and Sargsyan may know, while the Republican Party may know less.

At first sight, Karapetyan’s statement seems trivial. And it even seems that if he fails, not he will leave but Serzh Sargsyan and the Republicans will remove him. At the same time, he does not seem to cling to the position, it seems to be the least thing from the point of view of propaganda that any Armenian figure is good at.

However, Karen Karapetyan’s statement is not part of this campaign triviality. By announcing that he will leave if he fails, Karen Karapetyan hints that he will make Serzh Sargsyan and the Republican Party face the fact.

In addition, he does not even mean that he will list some people’s names after he leave. He will not do it, indeed. Not because he lacks the courage but because it is meaningless. The point is that if Karen Karapetyan leaves and points to Serzh Sargsyan, it will not be a problem for him because the entire country is pointing to him, and if Karapetyan adds to them, nothing will change.

For Sargsyan the problem will be to find someone to appoint instead of him. No person is irreplaceable, of course, but Karen Sargsyan is irreplaceable for the ruling system and for Serzh Sargsyan.

In addition, the issue is serious not only because Sargsyan will not find anyone who will agree to be the next prime minister under the current difficult situation. The situation is also serious because Sargsyan will not find someone who would enable forming at least a slight hope for change in the society with certain success, at least at the propaganda level.

If we add to this that Karen Karapetyan leaves not “according to the plan”, Serzh Sargsyan will be startled. Karen Karapetyan’s message is he does not have a team of political majority and, as such, depends on Serzh Sargsyan and the Republicans but he has the ability to make an independent decision on leaving, and if the contract is breached, he is sabotaged, not supported, he will use this opportunity, placing Sargsyan and the Republicans in a difficult situation.

From this point of view, Karapetyan has warned Sargsyan and the Republicans or it was a so-called oral reprimand. It is hard to tell whether Karen Karapetyan did it for preventive reasons or based on specific worrying realities. However, it is notable that the warning sounds immediately after the adoption of the government program.