Karen Karapetyan's First Failure

    • Comments - 24 October 2016, 21:40
The newly-appointed Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan held an interview with several TV companies, answering questions on the activities of the government. This was actually Karapetyan’s first failure in the post of prime minister.

And the only thing is not that Karapetyan who acts from the point of view of Armenia’s urgent need for new approaches continues the traditional approach of the Armenian government, namely the practice of officials to answer the questions of only a very limited number of media.

The failure was the answers to these questions among which the visible one was not “drive” but the lack of clear visions on Armenia’s strategic domestic and foreign issues.

It is clear and logical that they had been bypassed in the program of government from the point of view of substantiality because the program is, actually, for the pre-electoral six months, it is intended to extinguish fire or the hotbeds and perhaps it was meaningless to expect more.

Karen Karapetyan’s interview on TV could have been intended to convey to the public the extra part which had not been included in the government program which is a mere formality and a waste of time and energy, even if the number of the media involved would be highly limited.

In fact, however, Karen Karapetyan wasted too much time on this interview because practically he said nothing new and more than what he had stated so far.

In addition, when the words are uttered in the parliament, in answer to the questions of members of parliament, during the presentation of the government program or in the meeting of government, while discussing different questions with ministers, they sound adequate and maybe even sufficient. But when they fill the content of a TV interview, a mismatch of format and message leads to failure in public.

In fact, this is the first public failure of Karen Karapetyan as prime minister. Of course, it is important that he does not fail and achieves a result. After all, the prime minister’s main mission is not the content-full interviews but specific actions towards the improvement of the economic environment, effectiveness of governance in Armenia.

Besides, the public moods, disposition and attitude is highly important to achieve success in this work. Karapetyan has spoken about this in the interview and on other occasions, on the need to cheer the public up.

The interview gains importance in this context which, however, causes concerns about the answers given to some questions, instead of cheering up the public. Those concern systemic issues and mechanisms of fight against monopolies and oligopolies, issues of remodeling and reorganizing the economy, as well as a wider scope - the prospects of Armenia and the challenges to Armenia, the competitiveness of the Armenian industries.

At the end of the day, Karen Karapetyan’s interview was an interview that makes one wonder.

This should not be another reason for public disappointment, which are so many in Armenia.

After all, it is not ruled out that the new prime minister is simply not ready for an interview in a political position, he has worked for years in a narrow managerial format, is used to dealing with the public in this format. He may be well-aware of the problems, challenges, prospects, the opportunities to overcome them but is not adapted to deep public speeches, especially in a question and answer session.

However, in this case it was more than necessary to refrain from communication in this format, especially that nobody expected a generalized interview from the prime minister. Everyone expects real actions.