Republican Party's Threat to PM Karapetyan

    • Comments - 22 October 2016, 12:43
The secretary of the RPA parliamentary group Gagik Melikyan stated during the discussion of the government program that Prime Minister Gagik Melikyan may rely on them, they will support him.

The Republicans are in a difficult situation. By appointing Karen Karapetyan as prime minister Serzh Sargsyan has actually given up on the RPA, announcing that he has discussed with Karapetyan the need to bring new blood into the RPA. To bring new blood into RPA means to form a new RPA or a new RPA majority or “politburo”.

For Serzh Sargsyan, this is a strategic issue relating to government as long as he has presidential powers and supervises the law enforcement agencies. Serzh Sargsyan is aware that the current Republican majority is a burden for his political programs, whether these programs include his being the next prime minister or not.

Actually, by announcing about bringing new blood to RPA, Serzh Sargsyan challenges RPA. This has several motives, this can resolve several issues but the challenge is a fact.

At the same time, the RPA majority is absolutely unable to answer Sargsyan in the same way. First, this majority hoped for two years that Hovik Abrahamyan would do it instead of him. However, instead there was the April war and the July stand-off which actually strengthened Serzh Sargsyan against the RPA majority. It was followed by Sargsyan’s blitzkrieg as long as he controls the law enforcement agencies and establishes a rather high level of personal reliability there.

And it is not accidental that a visible competition is starting as to who is going to support Karen Karapetyan more, better, to help him to actually be the “new blood”.

On the other hand, Karen Karapetyan is smart enough a person to understand that he is the face of the “new blood” operation, at least for now. The “blood” is Serzh Sargsyan. And from this point of view Karen Karapetyan faces a big risk and not only he will not be the new “blood” of the Republican Party but also he will become the one who will be placed in charge of the so-called “old blood” by Serzh Sargsyan.

On the other hand, the “old blood” being unable to oppose Serzh Sargsyan’s challenge, lacking the courage and levers for that, is trying to fight against him through a bypass, expressing its support to Karen Karapetyan.

The point is that such support to Karen Karapetyan is a threat. If Karen Karapetyan listens to the assurances of the Republicans that he can rely on their support, there is no doubt that he will be caught under the rubble of their support.

The one that will have to rely on the RPA will always rely on RPA support.

Therefore, this hope should be a threat to Karen Karapetyan, as for any other prudent person who understands the depth of the systemic problems in Armenia.