Situation's Getting Worse Taking Armenian Lives

    • Comments - 01 October 2016, 22:38
Several Armenian Syrians were killed in Aleppo in the result of the shelling of the districts with Armenian communities. The war burst out in Aleppo again. The United States, according to Reuters, is likely to stop diplomatic cooperation with Russia over Syria. The United States, as well as other Western countries accused Russia of causing the outburst of war, bombing the train with humanitarian aid, striking the Syrian opposition instead of the terrorists and called to stop the offensive of the government forces against Aleppo.

For its part, Russia denies all accusations and blames the West.

The ceasefire agreement declared a few days ago has actually failed but the situation will take a different turn if the United States announces about stopping cooperation with Russia.

Russia may undergo stronger international pressure and have to play according to the rules, or a new and more fierce war will start, which will bring more bloodshed, more victims, more tragedy.

At the end of the day, Syria is in this stage, and the Armenian victims are the victims of this stage. In fact, the situation may become a serious threat for the Syrians that are still left in that country, in Aleppo. And according to the Armenian government, there are about 20,000 Armenians in Syria.

The current situation multiplies threat to these people, hence the Armenian government’s challenge and responsibility for the life of the Armenian Syrians.

At the same time, it is clear that official Yerevan has limited possibilities, especially when during the passing years, along with the aggravating situation in Syria, Yerevan has been unable to develop and implement a policy that would be adequate to the challenges and was reactive in its actions. Two ministries responsible for the policy on Armenian Syrians, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Diaspora, were useless.

A few days ago, during the summit in Kyrgyzstan on the 25th anniversary of CIS, Serzh Sargsyan thanked Russia for its humanitarian effort in Syria and stated that they are considering involvement of Armenia and the Armenian community in Syria in humanitarian programs.

This statement came in a situation when the United States and Russia had just announced about their agreement on ceasefire in Syria.

Now the situation is upside down and cost lives of Armenian Syrians.

The Armenian community is again involved in another outburst of war.

What are the solutions of the Armenian government to mitigate the threats to the Armenian Syrians? It is not clear. Some of them will understandably be backstage, not all options are visible, tangible, measurable for the public eye. This is the objective reality but what can the Armenian government do publicly besides thanking Russia for humanism especially now that obviously the world is saying something else to Russia?