Ugly and Tragic Departure

  • Comments - 19 September 2016, 22:22
On the eve of the municipal elections in the town of Echmiadzin General Manvel’s son, the incumbent mayor of Echmiadzin, was actually left alone by his opponents. They had “talked” to one competitor earlier after which he withdrew from the race. The other was beaten on the eve of the voting day and appeared in hospital with a scull injury. According to official information, he fired in the direction of the mayor’s car, which was followed by the beating.

They have declared onset of changes in Armenia but for the ruling system this process is reduced to a shift of generations, heritance of power. In addition, in some cases the power is formalized. For example, General Manvel was the informal “master” of Echmiadzin, now his son is its formal head and will continue to be.

The candidate who appeared in hospital had announced earlier that his purpose is to clean Echmiadzin of Manvel and manvelism. He has apparently failed, and now it is interesting to know what he meant by “manvelism” and clearing the town from it.

The government’s “monopoly” of solving problems with weapons and violence in Armenia seems to disappear, especially after the July developments. The consciousness that there is no other way is being deeply rooted in Armenia. Its destructive consequences go without saying. At the same time, the ruling system does not seem to acknowledge this state of affairs adequately.

Especially now that the process of “transfer of power” is taking place for the next long period during which redistributions and new “status” quo are inevitable. The public is pushed out of the process of forming government. At the same time, over year a significant part of the society has been engaged in the pyramid of corruption and quotas, and the establishment of the new status quo has become a matter of “life and death”. The government has not suggested other mechanisms though it should be stated for the sake of truth that the new prime minister has proposed solving or relieving this problem by way of creating “added value”.

Meanwhile, there seems to be a long way to go. There will be most unexpected manifestations because in Armenia the issue of government is not a purely domestic issue and it has a wider international “context”. This circumstance makes the situation worse because the criminal oligarchy is in deep crisis and has reached a point when it is absolutely inadequate to the internal and external setting.

Hence, two “parallel” processes are underway, people have been removed and will be removed who now seem to be very strong, and they will never realize where the danger comes from.

“Manvelism” which is the Armenian system is in the past. The problem is how it will be “defined” or what mechanism will be chosen. It depends on the behavior of the system. The right choice is a big mission, like the departure of Hovik Abrahamyan was defined.