Karabakh Issue Resolved

    • Comments - 02 September 2016, 17:15
This year the independence day of NKR is remarkable not only for the rounded number – 25th anniversary – but also the expression of the course and logic of “settlement” of the Karabakh issue. The Karabakh issue was resolved on the 25th anniversary of independence, in the sense that the latest events and disclosures busted the perceptions and stereotypes relating to the “settlement”, and at the end of the day the Armenian society realized what had happened.

They realized that there is no such issue, and the issue was resolved a long time ago, in the result of the war. The problem in the external dimension was a lever for settling accounts between countries and stimulating certain political developments. In the internal life the Karabakh issue was, in the long run, the basis for forming government and the “excuse” for failures of the policy of the authorities for two decades.

The society realized that the problem is to handle the solution achieved at the cost of price of the lives of their sons, and showed this during the days of the April war.

They understood that nobody in the world will do more and will be more than what they can do and deserve. The solution is directly proportionate to the dignity, freedom of the society, its ability to handle its own country. The solution is this solution.

It took the society more than two decades for this understanding. And the Karabakh issue was eventually resolved. The futile and absurd debates and nagging over “handing lands”, “historical justice”, “friends and enemies”, excuses, attempts to blame others are in the past. Everything is as clear as the message of this important September day.