Erdogan's Isolation Started: Statements by US and France

    • Comments - 01 September 2016, 22:38
A week has passed since Turkey’s intervention in Syria, and the situation started changing very fast. In one day two global powers, the United States and France, announced that Turkey’s actions in Syria are not acceptable, especially with regards to Kurds.

Turkey’s military actions in the north of Syria contain risk of escalation, the French president Francois Hollande announced. He said that Russia’s participation in the military actions on Bashar Assad’s side and Turkey’s military action poses a risk of general aggravation of the disease. Hollande said that Turkey acts against the Kurdish forces which are fighting ISIS and are members of the anti-Assad coalition which includes France.

A similar statement has been made by the spokesperson of the Department of State who supported Kurds and condemned Turkey’s actions.

Iran also expressed concerns about Turkey’s actions in Syria. The foreign minister of that country said that Turkey’s military presence in Syria complicates the situation in the region, and the Turkish army should immediately stop its military operation in Syria.

At the same time, Putin said not to visit Turkey to watch the friendly football march on August 31. Although Russia has cancelled the ban on charter flights to Turkey, the general impression is that the relations between Putin and Erdogan have not improved. Russia is thinking on whose side to take.

Erdogan is becoming an obstacle to global politics, and yesterday the sacral statement was made – Tuekey may enter the EU only after Erdogan leaves. European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society Gunther Ettinger has stated this.

The discussion of Erdogan’s departure by the global elite means that the Turkish president intends to shift to deep defense and become the next Assad or the global elite intends to keep a distance from Erdogan. Now he is doing everything to avoid isolation.

It has become known that Angela Merkel will meet with Erdogan during G20 on September 4-5. The Turkish foreign minister Mevlut CHavushoglu has announced that if Germany wishes to continue to use the airbase in Incirlik, it must give up on the Bundestag resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide at a high level. The German foreign minister Franc-Walter Steinmeyer has rejected this demand and announced that it has nothing to do with the genocide. In any case, Merkel and Erdogan will discuss this issue in China.

Here is an interesting picture. At first, the United States was not against the Turkish invasion, let it go deep into Syria and then it went on to condemn Turkey and support Kurds. France is doing the same. And Germany is showing in every way that it is not going to yield to Turkish provocations.

The Kurdish and Armenian issues are key to the Euro-Atlantic policy on Turkey’s containment and Erdogan’s isolation.