Armenia Replied to Putin: What's Yerevan Preparing to Do Next?

    • Comments - 25 August 2016, 11:35
According to the National Statistics Service, in July 2016 the economic growth activity by 4.7% which is a record low, economists say. This is happening a few days after the statement that the Russian president Putin made during the meeting with Serzh Sargsyan in Moscow to justify the annexation of Armenia by the Eurasian Economic Union.

The Armenian government has big hopes relating to the EEU, or rather Putin, in the sense that he would appreciate the “national” u-turn of September 3 and invest billions in the Armenian economy. On September 3 in Moscow they were talking about these investments. Putin and Sargsyan announced about investment programs they discussed.

Shortly it became known that Armenia owes 300 million dollars to Russia for Moscow’s silence on the increase of the gas price in 2011. In repayment of this debt Moscow took the last 20% of shares of Armenia in ARG and also forced the program of energy capitulation with Gazprom.

At the same time, Moscow gave away the electric networks which were on the verge of bankruptcy due to the management of the Russian state-run RAO UES company. The Russian company that misused the resources of the networks and incurred huge debts, placing the electricity supply system of Armenia on the verge of crisis, not only did not bear any legal and financial responsibility but also simple ridded of the networks. The Russian billionaire Samvel Karapetyan saved the situation by agreeing to take on the management of the networks.

Three years after the Eurasian U-turn Armenia has had only crisis, debts, handed to Russia its last pipes and shares, got an April war, did not receive any modern weapons.

Amid this, Putin states on August 10 that thanks to the EEU Armenia’s GDP has increased by 10%. Serzh Sargsyan is quiet because it is hard for him to talk to the Russian president. It is also difficult for Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan to talk to the Russian prime minister who was attending the meeting of the EEU prime ministers on August 12, two days after Putin’s statement, and did not utter a word on the futility and even harmfulness of the EEU for Armenia in terms of economy, politics and security.

After Putin’s statement the section of the Armenian political field was also silent which assisted Serzh Sargsyan with pushing or pushed Serzh Sargsyan with assisting with the Eurasian U-turn of Armenia. Although, it was rather an indirect support to Sargsyan, in reality being support to Russia, expecting in return for that a good prospect in government for the non-governmental pole.

None of them dared stating that Putin is simply lying and the Armenian GDP has not increased by 10% but even the opposite happened. When the government falsifies statistics by half a percent, these forces shout all over the world. Putin falsifies by 10% and they are as quiet as the government.

Meanwhile, Putin is not a stranger because the organization called EEU is already Armenia, it is a unified economic space, and this organization makes decisions that are binding for Armenia. Hence, the statement of the subject with a core economic and political importance cannot be something strange and far for Armenia for the political forces to justify their silence.

And now the National Statistics Service publishes the fall of the economic activity index. The Armenian government dared with delay, indirectly but to answer, to oppose Putin.

Of course, this will happen under the “veil” of Sasna Ts’rer as the economic decline will be explained by the harm that their actions did to the Armenian economy. All kinds of government apologists have been circulating this thought for a long time. However, this will be an absurd excuse because otherwise the Armenian economy should have simply collapsed after the April war and over six weeks of escalation whereas this period was followed by a reported 4% semi-annual growth.

Hence, it is ridiculous to blame Sasna Ts’rer for the decline. The July decline is determined by Putin’s statement made in August. The Armenian government has chosen the mildest and most blurred way.

Speaking about 10%, Putin hinted that Armenia should not need more economic attention than now and be happy with what it has. Armenia hints with the statistics that it is impossible to be content with what it has.

It is interesting to follow the developments. In September Putin will visit Armenia in the framework of the CSTO Summit. At least, he is supposed to. Will the Armenian government try to sell up a political decision to Putin through its statistical rebuttal or is the statistical rebuttal an attempt to convey that the pockets are empty but hands are free and is likely to oppose Putin without any political demand?