NKR – Failed Experiment

    • Comments - 23 August 2016, 21:55
At the end of the 90s the Armenian authorities tried to withdraw from political participation in the Karabakh province. The idea of the former “Moscow tribune” then was used, including that of Galina Starovoytova, who was famous among the Armenian pseudo-liberal circles. Galina Starovoytova was killed, and there is no need to rake up the past now.

At that time the son-in-law of Alexander Gromyko, a certain Paratov, told how the Moscow Tribune, particularly Batkin, was involved in the idea of distancing the Karabakh province from “democratic Armenia” because this problem hinders M. Gorbachev during the conduct of reforms.

However, this is only the external aspect. In the winter of 1992 in frozen Stepanakert when the so-called republic was being established, it was understood that this attracts local officials who realized that conditions for developing control-free corruption were occurring.

Now the Stepanakert-based bureaucracy is one of the most corrupt and the most unsuccessful ones in governance in the Armenian reality.

In the early 90s it would be wrong to oppose the establishment of NKR because such a step would intensify patriotic feelings, readiness of the armed squads to fight for their homeland and extended hope for development of this area.

“NKR” led to attempts at creating some modest political groups called political parties. No doubt this affected Azerbaijan as well which understood how serious the intentions of the Armenians of Karabakh were.

However, in the first “founding” session of the NKR parliament the future president of this country opposed the phrase “independence” of the Karabakh province and insisted on the phrase “is free to decide which republic it is in”. This caused a backlash among the majority of the members of parliament who understood that this speculative decision was likely to be adopted under the influence of the Yerevan-based authorities.

This was forgotten but, in fact, “NKR” was fully subject to Yerevan though this is not what matters. NKR has never held legitimate parliamentary and presidential elections, everything was the reflection of the Yerevan model. Obvious falsification took place during the elections at all levels.

All this produced negative consequences during the April war when the army was able to resist unexpected aggression only thanks to junior officers and a handful of senior officers, after which the Yerevan-based authorities were forced to replace many high-ranking army officials, including the head of reconnaissance and the head of weapon procurement. After the war many real military commanders were promoted to higher positions and took on real work.

The NKR administration is a bureaucracy of local character which has neither proper education, nor knowledge of international politics. Even if foreign political decisions are made in NKR, they are highly primitive that have nothing to do with the understanding of how the external world evolves.

For example, the NKR Minister of Foreign Affairs who is not a bad guy has announced “NATO does not interest us”.

The NKR administrative leadership announced repetitively that the central goal is the achievement of political sovereignty. Meanwhile, no real step has been taken in this direction. How can one talk about sovereignty, i.e. recognition of independence under the existence of the so-called Minsk Group?

Russia is in this group which uses the Karabakh issue in its own interests, and the April war was observed by the Russians in analogy of the Syrian situation. In other words, the Russians had to sit at the table of negotiations with the Americans and introduce their “peacekeepers” into the area of conflict.

The NKR administrative government is, as our Karabakhi friend says, led on a leash by the Russians. In such a miserable situation NKR has no chance to announce about achieving independence.

It is clear that if the current ugly situation in Armenia is “tolerated”, in the Karabakh province such tolerance and continuation of the corrupt regime is unacceptable because this province is at the front line. The Karabakh province does not need just reforms that are not worth anything but also a radical change in the political situation of this area and responsibility for this.

Different variants and scenarios are possible but for the time being the idea of liquidation of NKR and the unification of this province with Armenia occurs, in which case two issues are resolved. First, Armenia becomes responsible for the borders and territories of this province, i.e. its territories. Second, Armenia will become responsible for the internal structure with the emanating circumstances.

The current situation of the Karabakh province has affected negatively the attitude of the Armenian population, the Diaspora Armenians to it, where the majority of the organized political structures are under the Russian influence. In other words, the future history of our homeland is intended to please the Russians – here is the political primitivism of the nation which is called Armenian.

My old friends in Yerevan bring primitive arguments that the NKR territory can be saved if it is united with Armenia and NKR is liquidated because this is a failed experiment. However, if we judge so, Armenia is a failed experiment. They have not been able to explain how the conservation of the territory of NKR could be linked to the liquidation of this “republic”.

This decision contains different goals – creation of a civil order in the Karabakh province where the hope for a normal social and economic situation will be returned to the population. In that case the population will become people.

The Armenians have frequently suggested “ideas” but they became not more than declarations because nobody could implement them. Who remembers now that on 1 December 1989 a resolution on the unification of Armenia and Artsakh was adopted by the Supreme Council and the National Council? This decision was denounced and forgotten by the leaders of the Armenian All-Armenian Movement because this campaign had other political goals.

There was a time when we dreamt of an Armenian of population 300,000 living in the Karabakh province but what is happening now? The current situation is the result of existence of the “Karabakh republic”.

At the beginning of the way a simple and intelligible ideal was uttered – unification of Nagorno-Karabakh with Armenia. Where has this idea gone? It has been sold to the Russians for peanuts.