Baku Meeting Was Useless

    • Comments - 10 August 2016, 11:58
On August 8 the meeting of the presidents of Russia, Iran and Azerbaijan took place in Baku which they call historic, for whatever reason. Besides declarations on intentions to develop cooperation, this meeting, at least publicly, did not achieve anything.

The main issue should have been the construction of the Iran-Azerbaijani railway but judging by the results of the meetings, Russia was not able to agree with Iran on taking that road under control and funding the construction on those conditions. No agreement on the railway has been signed.

The second issue was the supply of a new batch of Russian weapons to Azerbaijan. However, there is no progress over this issue either. Dmitry Rogozin has announced about supplying 10 civilian aircraft to Azerbaijan, as well as the possibility of setting up a plane assemblage plant in Azerbaijan. Of course, this is in the prospect, and as to the new agreements on supply of weapons, there has been no statement on signing it. Armenia’s nervous reaction may have had a role.

The third issue is that of Karabakh. It was expected that Putin would make statements at the meeting with Aliyev, namely on imposing concessions on Armenia. However, prior to and during the meeting, despite Aliyev’s emotional speech on territorial integrity, both Putin and Rowhani announced with reserve that issues must be resolved through a political way, there should be peace, and the conflicts must be resolved on the basis of compromise.

As to the non-public sphere, experts say Putin and Rowhani were expected to agree on Assad’s destiny, decide whether to continue to support him or agree with the West over the division of Syria. It is not known what Putin and Rowhani have agreed but the fact is that the pro-West opposition has broken through the siege of Aleppo and the Western media have started writing that Syria no longer exists, and the issue is to lay it down on paper.

During the summit of Russia, Iran and Azerbaijan Armenia was not discussed publicly, nothing was said about Iran’s proposal on transit via Armenia. The opening of borders in the region was not discussed. It may have been discussed but most probably no agreement has been reached.

Russia does not seem to succeed, like with China, in making friends with Iran.