Armenian Crisis: Border's Getting Closer to 26 Baghramyan Avenue

    • Comments - 21 July 2016, 12:54
The armed riot in Yerevan has been underway for five days, and the politicians are silent. In the beginning, the impression was that the solution would come fast, then there would be assessments, but now the silence is simply deafening.

The president, the prime minister, the National Assembly, the ruling party cannot state their own attitude to what is going on. They cannot call the rebels “terrorists” because the demands that they put forth are actually political. Besides, usually “terrorists” are not so kind and do not hand those injured and do not release hostages.

Then how should one call the people who did not find another way to take part in making political decisions other than an armed struggle? If they call them rebels, it will mean that the government does not control part of the society and the government is not as immune as it may seem. And this is what the government fears the most.

The lack of assessments is starting to work against the government, and increasingly more people are starting to think that the government is not ready for such a situation and does not know what to do. And this means that the society may “target” a weak link and hit more painfully next time.

The Armenian government has lost the connection with the society, all the channels of communication that might be helpful in case of a threat. Serzh Sargsyan has not called for restraint, common sense and alertness, he has not been able to act as a symbol of strength of the government, thereby revealing his vulnerable spots.

Even if the president makes a statement, it will be too late. There has been a movement inside the society, the “border of immunity” has gone closer to 26 Baghramyan Avenue, bypassing the police fences and local strongmen. What the government has used to separate itself from the society has appeared in some other place.

Valery Osipyan who is held hostage by the rebels with his insignia ripped off has become the symbol of breaking through the police and criminal “immunity”.