Russians Are in Business: They Hadn’t Gone Anywhere

    • Comments - 20 July 2016, 17:36
The number of demonstrators in the place in Yerevan where the rebels are is growing despite the heat.

Interestingly, the demonstrators utter indecent phrases addressed to the Russians. In addition, the utterances are combined with well-known phrases in Azerbaijani.

Today some Russians have started expressing concerns in the Russian and Armenian press, saying that these incidents may be reflected in the existing agreements on Karabakh.

It is not clear what agreements they mean. Unfortunately, the rebels, or whatever they call themselves, have not made clear anti-Russian statements though they repeated many times by telephone that they have repetitively made anti-Russian expressions.

There are claims that a Russian “alpha” unit has been brought from Gyumri to Yerevan, which has angered the demonstrators. But are there no other reasons?

The Russian ambassador in Armenia, also known as “volinka”, has stated that nothing threatens the Russians in Armenia. Has “volinka” hurried with his statement?

At any rate, earlier there were no such statements. Apparently, it is time now. This incident may have a meaning if it takes an anti-Russian nature.