A New Dangerous Trick Concerning Karabakh Issue

    • Comments - 07 July 2016, 23:53
The Republican Member of Parliament Artak Davtyan said in today’s parliamentary briefing that he does not believe in the conversations on acceleration of the Karabakh settlement. In addition, he said it is time Karabakh declared about its clear stance and listed the compromises for status it will be ready to make.

This statement is symptomatic because it may be the reaction to the discussions within the ruling party on the “red line” and on responsibility for possible territorial concessions. Apparently, there is a decision to shed responsibility on Karabakh.

Ahead of the meeting in Saint Petersburg in June the Republican Spokesman Edward Sharmazanov, answering the question on why Serzh Sargsyan has agreed to participate in the meeting if the three conditions have not been implemented, said refusing the meeting would be perceived as a demarche.

Armenia does not want to make a demarche against Russia. However, nobody prevents Karabakh from a demarche so they have chosen the wily option of shedding responsibility on Stepanakert which is always free to reject the negotiations and options.

Avoiding responsibility is becoming the main characteristics of the ruling regime. For example, the minister of defense Seiran Ohanyan has announced that the responsibility of adopting decisions in the battlefield is on the commanders, and this has helped us to stand the April war.

The fact that the officers of the middle rank have assumed responsibility for the defense of territorial integrity of Armenia and NKR and did not wait for an order from “above” has saved Karabakh indeed. However, this has revealed the lack of vertical line of responsibility in Armenia, and there is no guarantee that in case of new provocations it will play a positive, not negative role.

If the middle-ranking commanders make decisions on the protection of territorial integrity of Artsakh, and the Karabakh government makes the decision on the limit of compromise, why does Serzh Sargsyan participate in the negotiations? What does he agree on and what guarantees can he give to the other participants?

Interestingly, such a statement was made by the Turkish ambassador in Azerbaijan Alper Coskun.

“We welcome the negotiations if they serve the settlement of the conflict. Turkey will support the option which will meet the interests of Azerbaijan and which Azerbaijan will consider right,” the ambassador said.

In fact, Turkey is shedding responsibility, like Armenia, leaving Karabakh and Azerbaijan face to face.