Who and Under What Circumstances Betrayed Armenia

    • Comments - 07 July 2016, 00:18
Armenia has no future. The question is who and under what circumstances betrayed Armenia. This is obvious because the political leadership of Armenia maintains E. Nalbandyan as minister of foreign affairs who is an agent of the Russian policy.

Armenia is not going to sign a new agreement with NATO, i.e. the program which has been prepared ahead of the summit of the Alliance. In Armenia there has never been any discussion on the future of the Alliance and a new program which might have a crucial importance for the country and not only for defense.

A lot of different materials are published on the materials of the summit, they mention a lot of countries of the Black Sea and Caucasian region but not a word about Armenia; it has disappeared. Armenia behaves thoughtlessly in its relations with Ukraine and Georgia internationally, repeating what Russia is doing. What do we get for such “loyalty”? Rockets over the heads of the Armenian children?

An agreement was signed with Russia on air force which is equal to September 3. The Armenian society is not informed on politics, defense, and nobody demands a clarification of certain circumstances.

Who will say that Armenia has a future? Let them say. The so-called pro-Atlantic groups in Armenia are silent about this. Why? Because they were always under Russia’s or Armenia’s control.

After Armenia was betrayed and sold to Azerbaijan, not even Turkey, the population called Armenian has a positive attitude to everything that makes up a political leadership. In other words, it is possible to propose cooperation with Russia, refusing proper cooperation with NATO and the EU.

Conversations are underway which will continue but not more than that. Armenia has appeared in international isolation and depends on Russia, the situation of a country which has lost its sovereignty.

Soon Georgia will go ahead of Armenia in all aspects of technical and military development. No doubt Azerbaijan will soon go far ahead of Armenia.

Armenia was not allowed to form a political military leadership which would be responsible for the security and destiny of the country. Now it is clear that this will not happen. The military circles of the country who are responsible for the defense and security of the country are fenced off the political decisions and political activities.

More intellectual circles of Armenia avoid participation in political discussions. They receive minimum increments and do not care for anything else. They are not interested in NATO, it is very difficult for them.

Decaying Russia and the Russian style of behavior is much better and easy to understand as much as it is possible.

It is hard to find any group in the Diaspora which would be interested in Armenia. The political groups in the Diaspora are waiting until Russia prompts their compatriots in the historical homeland what to do.

What may the future of such a country be like, if there is such at all? There is nothing else to say about the economy aside from scandals.