Unexpected Developments in Armenian-Turkish Direction

    • Comments - 06 July 2016, 22:33
The Western community has put forth a few of tasks before Turkey which it must resolve, sometimes in counterbalance to its own interests and the interests of its allies. In this connection, Turkey will have to make arrangements to identify the relations with neighbors, opponents and partners.

For example, it was conveyed to Turkey that formal relations are rather important to NATO. In other words, the Euro-Atlantic partnership is highly important to Turkey and Armenia.

Recently NATO Secretary General has announced in Berlin that Turkey is NATO’s ally, and Armenia is NATO’s partner. Considering this circumstance, Turkey must forget about claims to Armenia, despite Azerbaijan’s attitude to it.

Turkey must come to a conclusion that it gives up on any kind of involvement in war or pressure on Armenia, primarily from blocking Armenia. It will not be easy for Turkey to implement these actions but it will have to.

NATO has understood again that the war in April 2016 in the Karabakh province became possible mostly thanks to the understanding by Russia of the fact that Armenia is blocked and isolated in the international aspect.

NATO is trying to withdraw Armenia from international blockade, primarily to overcome the current relations with Turkey. At present, neither the EU, nor OSCE are involved in these operational possibilities. It is up to NATO.

Russia is not in NATO so why would this organization normalize the relations between Turkey and Armenia? This component will be brought to the attention of the NATO Summit in Warsaw.

The curator of these “operations” is the United Kingdom which would love to show its worth, especially after the referendum and the resentment of the EU.

The normalization of the Turkish-Armenian relations is related to not only the reconciliation of Armenia and Azerbaijan but also the withdrawal of the South Caucasus from the influence or rather dominance of Russia. There is an understanding that after the withdrawal of Armenia from under Russia’s control Azerbaijan will also come out of control. In addition, this will happen much earlier than it seems.

So, NATO has possibilities to normalize the Turkish-Armenian relations. But why was this step made in the result of the understanding that NATO needs to “unite” two “counter-partners” considering that this confrontation will not bring anything to the alliance and the United States.

NATO needed more obedient and comprehensible relations between Turkey and Russia. Will Russia be able to counteract to “friendly” Turkey?

In this respect, it is necessary to work out the understanding of how and in what way it is possible to receive weapons from the Western community.

Could someone from among those politicians of the start and end of “perestroika” propose something like this? These “politicians” who pretended being Atlantists and their predecessors who gladly call themselves Atlantists have not offered anything. Why? Because they took every political step under Russia’s influence and control.

Armenia remains under the influence of Russian agents whose names were published, and they are waiting for judgment.

Armenians who are sitting on their couches like desperate bitches are quite satisfied when Russian weapons kills Armenian children, and they do not get anything from the patriots of the country, not even a slap. The Russians remain beyond doubt.