Next Disgrace for Armenia

  • Comments - 06 July 2016, 00:11
The OSCE PA session has ended in Tbilisi which has adopted a resolution. The resolution has not been signed by the Russian delegation, as well as the head of the Armenian delegation to OSCE Artashes Geghamyan.

In Tbilisi Geghamyan met with his Azerbaijani counterparts and discussed the Karabakh issue with them, calling them to involve Karabakh in the negotiations. Azerbaijan disagreed. Although the OSCE PA adopted a resolution on Karabakh which is in line with Armenia’s interests, stating the necessity to implement the decisions of the meeting of presidents in Vienna, Geghamyan did not sign the concluding declaration.

Geghamyan’s appointment as head of the Armenian delegation to OSCE PA caused a surprise in Armenia. This person writes books about the Russian-Armenian friendship intensively, Rossotrudnichestvo generously funds the presentations of these books, they say he is on the payroll of this organization and receives a salary.

Whose interests does Geghamyan promote in OSCE PA, Russia’s or Armenia’s? If these interests match, why not, let him do. But what if they do not? Why did Geghamyan not sign the resolution which strengthens the status quo in Karabakh, proposing mechanisms to restrain Azerbaijan?

The ex-member of parliament Azat Arshakyan has given the description of the current regional confrontation: the Russian-Turkish alliance against OSCE. OSCE does not allow the Russian-Turkish plan of handing Karabakh to Azerbaijan to come true. Yerevan officially supports the stance of OSCE but the head of its delegation refuses to sign the OSCE resolution.

Either Geghamyan has not been appointed by the Armenian government or his appointers have assigned him to acting against all the initiatives of OSCE which anyhow affect Russia’s interests, even if they are in line with Armenia’s interests.

Recently the foreign policy of Armenia has been reduced to this, and the best performer is Artashes Geghamyan. It is time to hang the medal of Armenian Representation of Russian MFA beside the medal of Rossotrudnichestvo. Volinkin must be a good boss.