Russian and Georgian Orthodox Churches Attack Armenians

    • Comments - 25 July 2014, 15:40
Over many centuries the Latin world was trying to absorb and assimilate orthodox nations and communities in Eastern Europe and the Near East. Catholics and Protestants did not help the Orthodox to fight against Ottoman expansion and speculated this in many ways.

After 1945, despite official soviet atheism, the Orthodox confession became a lever in the hands of the Soviet Union and was viewed as the “best of all confessions available which, in fact, were considered reactionary” and hostile to Communist ideals.

After the collapse of the communist system the West mocked the Orthodox world without ending ecumenical and openly hostile attempts to subject it to the rules of the Western church. No doubt the Orthodox churches are extremely irritated and unable to interpret the ongoing situation from a clerical point of view. They perceived the policy of the Western churches as Orthodoxophobia.

The integration of Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro with the Euro-Atlantic community has teased the Orthodox churches and made them even more alert. However, this has not led to consolidation of Orthodox churches and nations and has disunited them even more.

The Ukrainian developments, including such phenomena as the strengthening of the Uniate Church and establishment of the Kiev Patriarchy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church set the question in a more dramatic reality – it is time when the Russian Orthodox has appeared in isolation on the political arena. However, the Russian Orthodox Church has specific enemies – the Raskolniki in Ukraine.

The Georgian Orthodox Church which, according to Georgian politicians and experts, has become a chauvinistic and highly reactionary organization has nothing else to do but to attack and instill hatred towards the Armenian Apostolic Church. All this is enabled not only by the low culture of the population but stems from the policy of the Georgian church.

It should be noted that Georgia has become one of the most intolerant countries towards other religions, which is highlighted by the U.S. Congress and the European Union. The point is about the attacks on non-Orthodox Georgian communities. Meanwhile, the fervent Georgian believers apparently do not express hatred against the Muslim communities and their churches. Apparently, the libido level is not enough.

The Georgians think that Armenians are a more convenient target for attacks. In addition, it is stated actively that the Russian Orthodox Church fully supports the Georgian Orthodox Church in their actions. Since the Russian Orthodox Church consists of either Chauvinists and impostors or FSB agents, one understands who is involved here.

The Georgian politicians state with hesitation that the Georgian Orthodox Church is full of suspicious persons who have nothing to do with faith and are part of the Russian network of agents. Here is Georgian independence the Georgian clergymen are so much worried about. And there is nothing new about it.

Over centuries Christian confessions literally devoured each other. Let’s remember the history of the Orthodox Milliyet of the Ottoman Empire when the Greek Phanariotes defied autocephaly of Bulgarians. As to the Russian Orthodox Church, it has been and remains an instrument of the imperial plans of Moscow and has always been hated by peoples striving for independence and autonomy.

Moscow has always tried to interfere in religious matters. For instance, the FSB made desperate attempts to prevent creation of a Ukrainian eparchy of the Armenian Apostolic Church, wishing to leave the Ukrainian Armenians within the competence of the Eparchy of New Nakhidjevan. The Russian Orthodox Church has something to worry about when every year thousands and maybe even tens of thousands of Russians and people of other nationalities become proselytes and join not only other Christian communities but also Muslim ones.

Orthodox clergymen have nothing to tell their congregation, they are stuck in dirty business, intrigues, career and money-grabbing. Perhaps, the long years of atheism left their trace, especially that Christian churches are in crisis but there are no other churches which are so deeply soaked in chauvinism and hatred on ethnic and religious grounds.

So what is Orthodoxophobia then? It is hatred of Orthodox peoples towards one another instilled by Orthodox clergymen. The orthodox churches are highly politicized under the influence of foreign political and domestic factors, and forgetting that the church must serve God and people, they have become an instrument in the hands of political circles, which caused the deep crisis of the Orthodox or rather the orthodox churches.

The question occurs whether modern “Orthodox” is “Orthodox”.