1. What's the Role Reserved for Russian Base in Gyumri
    The Russian direction has a special role in the agreements between the United States and Turkey and supposes that further rapprochement of Turkey and Russia should be excluded.
    00:21 25/04/2017
  2. Turkey's on the Verge of Revolution
    Following the referendum in Turkey confident claims are made on Erdogan’s Sultanate and the expected dictatorship.
    22:41 19/04/2017
  3. What's America Going to Do Next
    Donald Trump’s electoral campaign was a demonstration of the challenges and desires of the “working class” and non-working class.
    23:27 18/04/2017
  4. Armenian Communities in the Near East Disappear
    The limited opportunities for the foreign policy of Armenia impacts the development of relations of the countries of neighboring Black Sea-Baltic, Central Asian and the Near East regions.
    23:08 10/04/2017
  5. Why Is U.S. Embassy in Armenia So Big?
    My friend who is in the sphere of IT research and development argues that the United States has not undertaken any political action relating to the Armenian parliamentary election.
    12:28 10/04/2017
  6. Was Putin Expecting Strike? Sudden Breakthrough in Syria
    A sudden escalation was reported in the more or less “static” situation in the Syrian war with an unprecedented highlight. A few days ago the armed opposition underwent a chemical attack.
    19:10 08/04/2017
  7. U.S. Co-chair Hints to Complete the Counterattack
    We know what is happening at the line of contact, the American co-chair of the OSCE Minsk Group Richard Hoagland visiting Armenia with the other two co-chairs stated in Yerevan.
    00:12 29/03/2017
  8. U.S. Resolved Issue of Turkey's Non-attack Against Armenia
    The U.S. policy on the South Caucasus has not been clarified, the Americans are trying to align their strategies with their three neighbor countries of the region.
    23:34 21/03/2017
  9. Unless Armenian Government Lacks Brains and Nerve: Azerbaijan's Losing Its Positions
    It is hard to tell whether Azerbaijan continues to rely on oil and gas for its claims in international relations but no serious actor has ever taken Azerbaijan’s such arguments seriously and will ever do.
    23:59 20/03/2017
  10. Turkey Failed: Ankara Wasn't Expecting U-turn
    Turkey would not make such a noise in the European countries had the “European project” been valid.
    23:01 16/03/2017