1. Armen Sargsyan Closes Triangle: Serzh Sargsyan's Decision
    After the meeting of the Executive Body of the Republican Party spokesperson Edward Sharmazanov announced that Serzh Sargsyan will publish the name of the fourth president of Armenia the next day.
    01:27 19/01/2018
  2. Standstill: Uprising Starts
    A wave of protest is maturing in Armenia related to the rising salary taxes in Armenia effective from January 1.
    16:49 18/01/2018
  3. Two Jokes by "Lame Duck": Everything Overlaps
    In Armenia they are getting ready for the change of government in 2018. As the head of the Republican parliamentary group put it, there is no time left, the candidates must be named, the president must be elected on March 2.
    18:00 17/01/2018
  4. Syria Division: U.S. Hit Turkey
    The United States hit Turkey in Syria where Washington intends to support the Kurdish forces in the “Turkish area” of de-escalation and assign them the defense of the Syrian-Turkish border, creating a contingent of 30,000 troops for border security.
    22:36 16/01/2018
  5. Erdogan Gave Away Azerbaijan: Putin's Stunning Statement
    Turkey is not standing behind the drone attack at the Russian military base in Syria, the Russian president Putin said. He said they know who attacked, who were the sponsors, who produced the drones.
    00:13 14/01/2018
  6. Czech Minister's Lesson to Nalbandyan: Robson's Last Advice
    The Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs Martin Stropnický has sent a letter to five ambassadors of post-Soviet countries – Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.
    00:37 12/01/2018
  7. The Moment's Close: They May Account to Armenia
    The policy of sanctions against Russia has not bypassed Armenians and Armenia.
    22:57 11/01/2018
  8. Nakhijevan: Is Turkey Planning a Step?
    On 20 December 2017 the Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim visited Nakhijevan and met with the head of state. Little was said about the visit of the Turkish prime minister.
    23:42 10/01/2018
  9. Unexpected Turn in Iran
    The Iranian President Hassan Rowhani told Tansim, the Iranian state news agency, that the people of Iran have the right to protest and put forth demands to the government and the government must listen to their demands.
    00:56 10/01/2018
  10. Who Failed in Iran? Armenia's New Neighbor
    The unrest in Iran that started on December 28 seems to have calmed down.
    22:32 08/01/2018