1. Azerbaijan Lost in Foreign Policy
    Since independence the public debate in Azerbaijan on foreign political issues, first of all on foreign political issues, does not stop.
    22:32 20/02/2017
  2. A Strange Statement from Stepanakert
    Answering’s question, the spokesperson for the president of Artsakh Davit Babayan announced that Europe will have to pay for indifference to the case of the blogger Lapshin.
    00:22 17/02/2017
  3. Azerbaijan Failed to Involve Turkey
    Ataturk and his brothers-in-arms realize that the main threat to Turkey at that time’s geopolitical situation was the possible ambition of political and military presence in the neighboring regions.
    15:24 13/02/2017
  4. Karabakh Settlement Is Known: Armenia Is Told How to Restrain Azerbaijan
    Another escalation resulting in new losses on the Armenian side, aside from pain and sorrow of the public, is intensifying the discussion on the situation.
    00:30 09/02/2017
  5. President of European Commission Publicly Teased Aliyev
    I will now see the president of Azerbaijan, so the nice part of the day is over,” he told journalists.
    22:36 07/02/2017
  6. No Customs Code and No CSTO Secretary General
    The president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has instructed to recall the representatives of his country from the EAEU Customs Bodies.
    00:52 05/02/2017
  7. Important Signal from Iran Concerning Artsakh
    The Iranian minister of defense Hossein Dehghani stated that the attempts to resolve the regional problems with the use of force are useless.
    22:04 02/02/2017
  8. The New Anglo-Saxon Era: What Will Happen to Armenia?
    The UK Prime Minister Theresa May has left for Washington to meet with Donald Trump.
    20:58 30/01/2017
  9. Peacekeepers in Karabakh: Iran's Stance and Possible Actions
    Iran’s current political leadership is conducting a persistent foreign policy with pragmatic goals.
    16:59 28/01/2017
  10. Karabakh Has Been Given Time
    There are public and political groups in Armenia who think that accelerated normalization of the Armenian-Turkish relations will lead to the improvement of the economic situation in Armenia and their political success.
    22:39 21/01/2017