1. Armenia Crossed the Border Unnoticed
    The United States has suspended non-immigrant visa issuance in Russia and will resume only in September and only in Moscow.
    00:01 23/08/2017
  2. What Else Will Be Managed Until Last Day of Office?
    During a meeting in Serzh Sargsyan’s office a decision was made to set up a pan-Armenian council during the Armenia-Diaspora Forum.
    11:27 21/08/2017
  3. Will Armenia Announce Joining NATO in 5 Months?
    Recently a group of Russian experts have been critical on the participation of the Armenian armed forces in the NATO exercise in Georgia.
    17:17 18/08/2017
  4. At Last They Found the Way
    In 2018 the objective of the government will be the main intrigue of the new political season in Armenia.
    15:29 14/08/2017
  5. Armenia Started Prompt Analysis of Situation
    The minister of economic development and investments Suren Karayan told reporters currently they are analyzing and forecasting what Armenia should expect in the result of the new U.S. sanctions against Russia.
    18:09 10/08/2017
  6. Qatar and Israel: 2 Interesting Absences on Government's Target List
    A few days ago the Armenian government stated its intention to strengthen the economic component of the foreign policy, defining the list of target directions including 14 countries.
    23:31 08/08/2017
  7. Is Azerbaijan Changing Its Border Tactics? Velvet Revolution in Baku
    The Armenian Ministry of Defense warned Azerbaijan that its adventures will receive a tough answer. This warning was followed by Azerbaijani press reports on striking peaceful areas, and an injured 13-year-old.
    23:09 08/08/2017
  8. Will Line of Contact of U.S.-Russia Conflict Pass Across Karabakh
    The foreign ministers of Russia and the United States met in Manila during the ASEAN forum during which notes of “reconciliation” were heard.
    21:36 08/08/2017
  9. A U.S. Warning to Armenia
    The U.S. Vice President Mike Pence has visited Estonia, Montenegro and Georgia and passed Trump’s message confirming America’s readiness to be beside its allies in Eastern Europe and protect them from “Russian aggression”.
    23:34 05/08/2017
  10. Armenia's Proposal to Iran and West
    Serzh Sargsyan announced that it is currently undergoing a discussion and if it meets the interests of all the sides, Armenia is ready.
    16:19 05/08/2017