1. What Unfavorable Things to Expect?
    In a press conference on June 28 the Minister of Defense of Armenia Vigen Sargsyan resolved the topic of the possible Armenian peacekeeping mission in Syria jointly with CSTO or Russia.
    01:14 29/06/2017
  2. Azerbaijan Calls Russia for Help
    Azerbaijan has greeted the famous Russian imperialist Alexander Prokhanov pompously.
    22:54 28/06/2017
  3. Government's Response on U.S. Statement on Possibility of 8 Billion Dollar Investment
    The Armenian ministry of energy and natural resources has made a statement on layout of Iran-Armenia and Armenia-Georgia power transmission lines.
    12:46 24/06/2017
  4. EU Ambassador's Surprise: Government's Secret Reveaed
    In his press conference in Yerevan on June 20 the head of the EU Delegation to Armenia Piotr Switalski commented on the scandal around his earlier statement.
    22:04 21/06/2017
  5. What Will Happen if Azerbaijan Turns Minsk Group Away?
    Azerbaijan has officially claimed responsible for the murder of the Armenian servicemen.
    00:14 18/06/2017
  6. Miller Has Arrived After American 8 Billion Dollars
    Miller, the president of Gazprom, is visiting Armenia. On the other hand, it is a question whether he is a guest or he has come home, considering the notorious agreement with Gazprom.
    03:30 17/06/2017
  7. Unprecedented Discussion at President's Office
    The press release on the meeting of Serzh Sargsyan with NATO Secretary General James Appathurai contains an interesting point. Among the issues discussed was the Iran-Armenia relations.
    23:21 13/06/2017
  8. Was Right: Brexit was Put Back on the Shelf
    During the preparation and conduct of Brexit the international press argued that the United Kingdom would leave the European Union.
    01:15 13/06/2017
  9. U.S. Ready to Say Goodbye to Turkey
    The war in Iraq in 2003, despite the geopolitical disguise, had an overtly geopolitical nature.
    18:14 08/06/2017
  10. World Changed Overnight: How Will It Affect Karabakh?
    The world changed overnight, and the June 3 terrorist attack in London will mark the start of a new era in history.
    00:42 08/06/2017