1. Yerevan-Athens: Alliance with Jerusalem or Fighting in Jerusalem?
    The Armenian foreign minister Edward Nalbandyan has been invited to Greece by his counterpart on December 12-13.
    23:48 12/12/2017
  2. Russia's Big Failure: Armenia Could Land a Hand
    The Nezavisimaya Gazeta has published an interesting article on December 3 about the Russian MI-28N war helicopters which are also known as night hunters.
    23:34 11/12/2017
  3. Russian Landing Troops Attacked Karabakh
    Lavrov’s reprimand: because there are no Russian peacekeepers in Karabakh
    21:25 11/12/2017
  4. Eat Your Potatoes and Shut Up
    The mass media and social networks reacted strongly to the answers of two notorious Republican members of parliament Khosrov Harutiunyan and Hakob Hakobyan on poverty and rise in prices.
    00:02 09/12/2017
  5. Vienna Confirms Status Quo: Fair Accompli Is Close
    The Karabakh issue was discussed on the first day of the meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers of OSCE.
    23:02 08/12/2017
  6. "Uprising" in General Staff: Movses Hakobyan's Revelation
    The discharge of Haykaz Baghmanyan, the deputy chief of General Staff, has triggered a discussion in the Armenian media and political circles.
    22:33 07/12/2017
  7. Does EU-Armenia Agreement Threaten Gazprom?
    Thanks to Konrad Adenauer Foundation, the Armenian community has learned that the EU-Armenia framework agreement envisages serous economic privileges some of which may become effective in January.
    14:14 03/12/2017
  8. Anti-Armenian Talk Shows Achieved Their Purpose
    The scandalous talk shows on the Russian state TV channels have achieved their purpose. They were about the signing of the EU-Armenia agreement and its consequences for Russia.
    17:12 02/12/2017
  9. Iran's Two Expectations from Armenia
    The minister of foreign affairs of Iran Mohammad Javad Zarif and Armenia exchanged assurances of importance of bilateral relations during his visit to Yerevan.
    23:13 30/11/2017
  10. Iranian Foreign Minister Had Special Visit to Armenia: This Is an Indicator
    The visit of the foreign minister of Iran Mohammad Javad Zarif to Armenia has a high political importance because this is not a regional visit but a special visit to Armenia.
    21:32 28/11/2017