1. U.S. May Have Decision on Change of Ruling Regime in Azerbaijan
    The interest of the United States towards Azerbaijan has decreased significantly because Ilham Aliyev has carried out all possible obligations to the Western community in the sphere of oil and energy infrastructure projects.
    15:39 12/01/2017
  2. What Assignment Has Been Given to Armenian Army?
    The OSCE Minsk Group has made a statement on the Azerbaijani attack in Tavush on December 29 which has disappointed Armenia.
    12:27 12/01/2017
  3. Unpleasant Surprise Awaiting for U.S. President
    The Democratic Party in the United States remained in government after Obama’s first term. Populism is so important to the public in the United States that it was hard to suppose how the Democrats may leave government.
    11:06 11/01/2017
  4. What Unexpected May Happen in April?
    The parliamentary elections are on 2 April 2017. On 2 April 2016 Azerbaijan attacked Karabakh. This is a sacral day, both a drama and a breakthrough.
    13:01 10/01/2017
  5. Cards Laid on the Table
    Moscow is looking for new tricks to influence the outcome of elections, and apparently some political strategists, including the honest friends of Armenia.
    01:05 27/12/2016
  6. Karabakh's Destiny Has Been Decided
    The U.S. position on the Karabakh issue was developed by the Bill Clinton administration and approved by the team and experts of the George Bush administration.
    23:34 25/12/2016
  7. The Prospect of U.S.-Armenia Defense Cooperation
    The United States views cooperation with Armenia in the sphere of defense only in the framework of programs with NATO.
    00:28 23/12/2016
  8. U.S. and NATO Made Decision on Armenia
    NATO has been activated in several directions, primarily because the indisputable enemy has been “found” in Russia. Moscow has done a lot to regain the status of enemy N 1.
    22:58 21/12/2016
  9. They Hit Putin Again, This Time Lower the Waist
    The Russian ambassador Andrey Karlov was killed in Turkey. The ambassador was killed by a young off-duty policeman who exclaimed “Allah akbar” and announced that it was a retribution for Syria.
    22:15 21/12/2016
  10. Iranian President Answers Azerbaijan in Armenia
    On December 21 the president of Iran Hasan Rowhani will visit Armenia.
    00:23 20/12/2016