1. Armenian Army's Getting Ready
    Yesterday the Ministry of Defense of Armenia held a meeting to discuss discipline in the army and improvement of duty on sentry.
    23:16 24/05/2017
  2. Where Will Serzh Sargsyan Get 500 Million Dollars a Year?
    According to a study by McKinsey, in order to double the GDP of Armenia it is necessary to invest over 500 million dollars every year within 15 years in development programs.
    00:05 24/05/2017
  3. Chaos in Azerbaijan: Danger
    The Defense Army of Artsakh has published a footage made with the border monitoring and intelligence equipment with a message on how the Azerbaijani armed forces were shelling their own posts.
    14:01 20/05/2017
  4. Heavy Strike on Azerbaijan: Situation's Changing
    Yesterday the spokesperson for the Russian foreign ministry Maria Zakharova stated that on May 15 the Azerbaijani side shelled the military equipment located on the other side of the line of contact and the other side responded accordingly.
    16:33 19/05/2017
  5. Armenia on Macron's Agenda
    The new French president Emmanuel Macron was inaugurated, appointed the prime minister, left for Berlin to have his first meeting with Angela Merkel, the chancellor of Germany.
    00:03 16/05/2017
  6. Where Russia Wanted to Station Second Russian Base: Plan Failed
    The minister of defense Vigen Sargsyan stated in an interview with the Interfax that Russia does not intend to station the military base of a third country. Besides, Russia has not come up to us with an inquiry.
    23:50 10/05/2017
  7. Armenian Army Saved the Most Important Thing: The Thread Wasn't Cut
    Armenia has won a battle but not the war or Armenia has won the war but lost the peace.
    15:59 09/05/2017
  8. Game Changes: Azerbaijan Needs to Know the Following Before Starting War
    The commander of the Defense Army of Artsakh Levon Mnatsakanyan said that having to face the counter attack and heavy losses, Azerbaijan asked Moscow to help establish a ceasefire.
    20:31 08/05/2017
  9. "We Can't Do That": Ten Days of Ultimatum Expired
    In the meeting of government on April 20 the prime minister talked angrily about the issue of waste collection.
    21:37 02/05/2017
  10. What Happened in France
    Political parties and groups have participated in the French presidential elections which present the colorful mosaic of France. The elections were marked by colorful and incomprehensible categories.
    17:44 25/04/2017