1. Armenia “Divided”: The Inevitable Is Happening
    The fall session of the parliament has started, and the topical item on agenda is the initiative by Yelq parliamentary group.
    11:46 17/09/2017
  2. Lapshin Fired at Aliyev from Lukashenko's Gun
    Leaving for Israel after spending 7 months in the Baku jail, the blogger Alexander Lapshin has opened Pandora’s box and told everything that he thinks about Azerbaijan.
    09:32 17/09/2017
  3. Russia Will Be Deprived of the Right to Vote
    On September 18-22 Azerbaijan will conduct a large-scale exercise involving 15,000 servicemen and lots of defense equipment.
    22:38 16/09/2017
  4. Need for Strike at Border May Occur
    The Iranian foreign minister leaves for Sochi to meet with the Russian government representatives. There is no clarity if there will be a meeting with Putin.
    00:08 13/09/2017
  5. Azerbaijani Ammunition Would Turn to Scrap Metal Overnight
    Does the accumulation of ammunition by Azerbaijan mean inevitability of war? The conversations and discussions on supply of arms to Baku always go with this question.
    20:46 11/09/2017
  6. A Decision to Blast Azerbaijan Bubble
    The American senator Dick Durbin has proposed sanctions against the government of Azerbaijan. He did this during the meeting of the allocations committee.
    12:53 09/09/2017
  7. West Opts for Independence of Karabakh: There's Nothing Russia Can Do
    Grigory Trofimchuk, a defense and security expert, told that the West will choose the “sovereignty” of Karabakh. “There is nothing else Russia can do to help,” he said.
    16:13 07/09/2017
  8. Putin Withdraws from Ukraine: Is Armenia the Next?
    The Russian president Vladimir Putin has expressed support to the idea of stationing peacekeepers in Donbas.
    17:46 06/09/2017
  9. Serzh Sargsyan Makes Ambassador Face the Fact
    Commenting on the news about Armenia’s rejection to participate in Agile Spirit in Georgia, the deputy minister of defense Artak Zakaryan said Armenia had never confirmed officially its attendance.
    23:40 05/09/2017
  10. How Far from Armenian Positions Do Russia and Azerbaijan Share Their Experience?
    Some officials expressed points of view about the scandal involving the UAVs sold to Azerbaijan, saying that it is a matter of Israel’s reputation.
    22:04 02/09/2017