1. Risks Behind the Back of Armenia's Iskander: Vigilance Needed
    The statement of the Azerbaijani minister of defense Zakir Hassanov on having an antidote to the Iskander rockets of Armenia in his long interview with RIA Novosti got a significant attention in Armenia.
    18:29 19/07/2017
  2. CSTO Didn't Discuss Sending Troops to Syria but Warned
    After the meeting of the CSTO foreign ministers in Minsk the Russian Kommersant wrote they were not excited about Moscow’s idea of involving the CSTO peacekeepers in the defense of the de-escalation areas in Syria.
    23:16 18/07/2017
  3. It's Time: Armenian Plan or War
    The American plan of Karabakh settlement was circulated through diplomatic pipes in 2000.
    22:54 17/07/2017
  4. Azerbaijan "Burst": Armenia's Next Step
    Yesterday Azerbaijan made a big fuss and called on all the international organizations demanding to condemn the operation of the Armenian forces in the result of which, according to the Azerbaijani side, civilians were killed.
    00:51 07/07/2017
  5. Georgia Insists on Armenia Being Sovereign Country
    The Armenian minister of economic development and investments Suren Karayan has proposed to the Georgian minister of economy and sustainable development Georgi Gakharia visiting Armenia to start joint exports to third countries.
    01:02 04/07/2017
  6. Declassification of Negotiations: Farewell to Kazan Plan
    One day all those documents will be published, and you’ll see they state that Artsakh must take part in drafting the peace agreement and negotiations, the foreign minister of Armenia stated in parliament.
    23:10 03/07/2017
  7. What Unfavorable Things to Expect?
    In a press conference on June 28 the Minister of Defense of Armenia Vigen Sargsyan resolved the topic of the possible Armenian peacekeeping mission in Syria jointly with CSTO or Russia.
    01:14 29/06/2017
  8. Azerbaijan Calls Russia for Help
    Azerbaijan has greeted the famous Russian imperialist Alexander Prokhanov pompously.
    22:54 28/06/2017
  9. Government's Response on U.S. Statement on Possibility of 8 Billion Dollar Investment
    The Armenian ministry of energy and natural resources has made a statement on layout of Iran-Armenia and Armenia-Georgia power transmission lines.
    12:46 24/06/2017
  10. EU Ambassador's Surprise: Government's Secret Reveaed
    In his press conference in Yerevan on June 20 the head of the EU Delegation to Armenia Piotr Switalski commented on the scandal around his earlier statement.
    22:04 21/06/2017