1. Something Has Changed: Aliyev Understood Why They Hit Turkey and Russia
    Ilham Aliyev’s scandalous statement at the congress of New Azerbaijan Party was like an explosion. The backlash was expected and the analysts need to find out why Aliyev decided to do this.
    00:16 18/02/2018
  2. What's Happening with Putin? Armenia Should Be Prepared
    The spokesperson for Kremlin Dmitry Peskov told reporters that Putin has a cold but goes to work.
    22:44 17/02/2018
  3. Putin Cancelled All Events: Something Happening in Syria
    The Kremlin would not confirm the death of lots of Russians in Syria caused by the strikes of the American air force and artillery.
    21:59 15/02/2018
  4. What Will Russia Start with, Armenia or Azerbaijan?
    Western experts think that after the March 2018 elections Vladimir Putin who is stuck in Ukraine and the Near East will try to shift his activity to the post-Soviet space.
    21:22 10/02/2018
  5. A Real Disaster for the State
    The closer the day of the election of the new president of Armenia, the more bizarre are the actions of the incumbent President Serzh Sargsyan.
    21:21 10/02/2018
  6. Armen Sargsyan Goes Serious: His Message from London
    Armen Sargsyan who has been nominated for the fourth president of Armenia, currently the Armenian ambassador in the UK, met with the UK Minister of State for Europe and the Americas.
    21:54 06/02/2018
  7. Change of Government in Azerbaijan
    The Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has signed a decree on early presidential election. According to his decree, the election will be on April 11.
    23:38 05/02/2018
  8. Russian Intelligence in America: Drills in Armenia
    The American press and international agencies informed that in the past few days three leaders of Russian intelligence agencies visited the United States.
    00:49 04/02/2018
  9. Mania of Single-handed Decision Making
    Օn January 28, Armenia celebrated the Army Day
    10:25 03/02/2018
  10. It Happened at the Last Moment: the Worst Things for the Kremlin Still Ahead
    The Kremlin list published by the U.S. Department of the Treasury on January 30 has sparked an international discussion which is clear both for what is on the list and its purpose.
    17:28 01/02/2018