Two Mayors Were in Bus of Volonteers Headed for NKR Shelled by Azerbaijan

  • Country - 04 April 2016, 23:12
The bus of the group of volunteers from Sisian town, Armenia heading towards Martakert got under Azerbaijani fire. Mayis Mirzoyan, the head of Darbas community, and Armen Beglaryan, the head of Akhlatyan community, Syunik Marz, were killed, the mayor of Sisian Aghasi Hakobjanyan told Armenpress. “The heads of Darbas and Akhlatyan communities died in the result of shelling of their bus by the enemy,” Hakobjanyan said.

He informed that a group of volunteers from Sisian were leaving for Artsakh by bus which was shelled by Azerbaijani armed forces.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Defense Artsrun Hovhannisyan told Armenpress that 5 people died in the result of the bus shelling.