No Republican Has The Right To Dwell On Free And Fair Elections

  • Country - 21 March 2013, 17:01
At today’s press conference on Freedom Square, Raffi Hovannisian asked reporters not to ask him how he feels because he is well.

Hovannisian said that every election is important for his team attaches. They have changed the reality but they need to pursue that change up to the end. According to him, it would be good if there was a union with other forces ahead of May 5 elections but Heritage has a broad civil front and hopes cooperation with other forces will be launched anyway.

In regard to his expectations from the upcoming mayoral elections, Raffi Hovannisian said that the force that falsifies elections is the party headed by Serzh Sargsyan. No Republican has the right to speak about free and fair elections and predict the outcome of Yerevan elections. He added that the election to the council of aldermen will not replace the national fight but will be one of its fronts.

Raffi Hovannisian expressed readiness to meet with Serzh Sargsyan on Freedom Square. According to him, this meeting is important to stop lies coming from the president’s administration.  

He said sure that on April 9, 1.5 million Armenians will go to the square. Hovannisian said that after tomorrow’s rally the next rallies will be political. 10 civil forums will be held, Raffi Hovannisian will study all the proposals to decide the format and content of the rally of April 9.